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Market Reports and intelligence from Snapshot Research


About us...



Snapshot Research are a publisher of concise, intelligent & relevant market size, product trends & forecasts across a wide range of B2B markets and B2C sectors.


Based in the UK, we provide high quality, research intelligence to support your business growth at a fraction of the usual cost.


Use Snapshot Research data in your:-

- Business & Marketing Plans

- Presentations to Colleagues & Stakeholders

- Annual Reports

- Sales Plans & Forecasts

- Product Development Plans

- Merger & Acquisitions Planning

- Bank Loan Applications / Crowd Funding


A 17-20 page Snapshot report includes:-

- Methodology

- Market Definition

- Current Year Market Size by Value

- % Growth Rate in Last 6 Years

- 10 Years of Market Size (6 years history)

- 4 Years Forecasts of Market Size

- Qualitative Comment on Current Market Trends

- 'Whats Hot' - Best Performing Sectors or Products

- Economic Fundamentals (GDP, Inflation, Unemployment)

- Product Trends Overview

- Identify & Highlight Significant Key Trend

- Distribution Channel Shares

- Identify & Highlight Largest Channel & Share

- End Use Sector Key Trends

- Key Threats to the Market

- Key Opportunities in the Market

- Market Size 4 Years Ahead

- Future Prospects

- % Growth Rate Over Next 4 Years


Snapshot Research sources & methodology include:-

- Discussions with Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Retailers & End Users

- Distribution Outlets Analysis – including store visits, distributors’ product mix etc.

- Product information – technical data from manufacturers, distributors etc

- Company websites – Manufacturers, Distributors, End Users, Specifiers etc

- Annual Reports – Manufacturers and Distributors’ Company Literature

- Press releases – New product launches, company news etc

- HM Government and European parliament – Official statistics, HM Revenue & Customs

- Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc

- Trade Journals, Industry Websites, Report Publishers and Industry Commentators

- Trade Associations, Conferences and Exhibitions


All Snapshot's research and data compiling is undertaken in-house in the UK by experienced and degree qualified professionals, ensuring we offer the highest quality research and trends at the best possible price.


Available in a variety of formats for integration into your reports and sharing with colleagues:-

- PDF Report (not selectable / copyable)

- PDF Report with Infographics (is selectable / copyable) - Click Here to View a Sample

- Powerpoint Presentation - Click Here to View a Sample

- Hard Copy  - Professionally Printed Glossy Report in Full Colour


Supplied in a variety of ways for convenience and fast access to data wherever you are:-

- Emailed Direct to Your Desktop

- Online Link to Share with Colleagues & for accessing in Multiple Locations

- Mobile App for Mobile / Tablet Access

- Hard Copy

- Supplied with a Brand New Tablet on Micro SD Card


Snapshot Research Prices & Formats:-

Package Options Package Contents & Notes Price


Focus Pack:-

- PDF by email



 - Single user, delivered by email only,

 - Text/graphics are not selectable / copyable




Exposure Pack:-

- PDF by email
- Powerpoint Presentation




 - Single user, delivered by email

 - Text/graphics are selectable / copyable.






Panoramic Pack:-

- PDF (delivered by email)
- PDF by online link (text/graphics are selectable/copyable)
- Powerpoint Presentation (supplied by online link)
- Mobile App (links to Presentation & PDF, web, business news & weather)
- Includes brand new Android Tablet – yours to keep

- All Above Supplied on SD Micro Card to Use in Your Brand New Tablet.

Tablet specifications:

7 inch screen. Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels. GPS technology. G Sensor. Multi-touch screen. LED backlit display. 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor mt8127 quad core processor. 1GB RAM. 8 GB internal storage. 64 GB memory card capacity.

Android android 5.0 operating system. Built-in speaker. Webcam. Wi-Fi enabled. Bluetooth. 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Microphone. microSD memory card slot. Micro USB. Snapshot Research Report, App & Presentation supplied on separate SD card.





- Copy & paste parts of the PDF or Presentation into your own work.

- Use the online link for mobile working - access the report or presentation wherever you are.

 - Share easily with your colleagues.

 - Supplied with a brand new tablet, yours to keep. Any subsequent reports you purchase can be ordered on micro SD to save all your reports and data on to your tablet and keep in one place. 







Additional Options:-



- Supplied on Micro SD Card



We'll send a micro SD card with your report and/or presentation so you can access your data on your tablet or mobile phone, wherever you are.






- Hard copy (when purchased with an above package)



Sometimes only a hard copy will suffice, professionally printed glossy report in full colour to use in meetings or briefings or sharing with colleagues.





- 1 Additional User Licence


For multiple users or for consultancies to share with 1 additional company (ie their client company).




All prices ex VAT

Snapshot Market research reports for market data and inelligence for UK DIY market market presentation performance of market and forecasts for UK furniture market market share data and product trends and growth sectors for UK heating market intelligent market reports and review of market conditions for UK facilities management market and FM industry.

Snapshot Research Market Research Reports & Market Research Intelligence and Data


Snapshot Research are a leading provider of concise market research reports on a wide range of consumer and B2B market sectors within the building and DIY markets, electrical and lighting market, kitchen and bathroom industry, furniture market, outsourcing sectors, food and drink markets and many other markets.

Snapshot Research market reports are concise and are accompanied with market research presentations which enable the reader to quickly gain a deeper knowledge of their industry or market sector. Each Snapshot Research report includes market size and product trends with distribution channel shares and forecasts.

Snapshot Research market reports also offer excellent value for money with low cost prices starting from just £135. Snapshot Research are based in the UK using primary and secondary source methodologies to provide high quality market research reports at a fraction of the usual cost.


Intelligent, Concise Market Reports From £135 +VAT