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We've developed our very own mobile app to make sure you can access all the reports and presentations you've purchased wherever you are and whenever you need them. 


Our Snapshot Research app is supplied with the Panoramic Pack (which includes a brand new tablet & an SD card with the report, presentation and application preloaded) and features:-


- Links to all reports and presentations

- Our Telephone Contact Details

- 10% Twitter Discount Link

- Snapshot Website for Purchasing Additional Reports

- Business News Feeds

- and a very useful Weather App!


* app functionality dependent on mobile device, suitable for most android devices & IoS devices using HTML5

Snapshot Market research reports for market data and inelligence for UK DIY market market presentation performance of market and forecasts for UK furniture market market share data and product trends and growth sectors for UK heating market intelligent market reports and review of market conditions for UK facilities management market and FM industry.

Intelligent, Concise Market Reports From ú135 +VAT