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Snapshot Research presentations are available to complement every Snapshot Research report, enabling you to disseminate and share intelligence quickly and easily with your colleagues and stakeholders.


Each Snapshot Research Presentation is designed to provide you with a vital intelligence tool for quickly understanding the current market conditions, trends, opportunities and threats for your chosen market. 


Integrate the information quickly into your own presentation or use for briefing colleagues and clients - there are no limitations on how you can use the presentation within your organisation.


Snapshot Presentations are provided as standard with the Exposure and Panoramic packages to accompany the market report.


Click Here for a free sample of the Online Presentation (requires Internet Explorer)



Snapshot Market research reports for market data and inelligence for UK DIY market market presentation performance of market and forecasts for UK furniture market market share data and product trends and growth sectors for UK heating market intelligent market reports and review of market conditions for UK facilities management market and FM industry.

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